Creative Career Accelerator

The Workshop: The Brief. The Creative Process

EVENT: Saturday Oct 20th @ USC ROSKI School of Art & Design AT MATEO

Mitch Monson, VP/Creative Director of Brand Design and Animation, MOCEAN will lead a Creative Workshop session at the NEW Roski School of Art and Design on the USC DTLA Mateo Campus.

In addition to sharing a full Creative Brief of USA’s MR. ROBOT, Mitch will be engaging upcoming design talent in various design techniques and exploring practical and tactile forms of design integration. Mitch will be accompanied by Marc Juon, Associate Creative Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Multidisciplinary Artist Gabriella Sanchez, Creative Director Nick Platt at LOLA agency and other creative professionals.

Mitch and MOCEAN are thrilled to partner with UPCOMERS in providing emerging creatives opportunities and support them in their quest for their dream job in the creative industry.

The best upcoming talent submissions will be awarded with an intern or freelancer role with the MOCEAN team.

See you this Saturday Oct 20th!


Upcomers provides real world projects and creative work experience for current and recently graduated students.

The creative work force is looking for Hungry, Eager Talent......with experience. The problem is, how do you gain real world experience that the workforce is looking for?

Upcomers is here to solve this by providing REAL WORLD BRIEFINGS AKA PROJECTS from major brands and creative agencies that want to work with you and ultimately hire you. Ya, you! Think of us as your new BFF - your kick in the ass friend to help you get there and thrive in today’s economy with respect for your talent.

Upcomers is here to help you:
1. Create a kickass portfolio
2. Gain real world experience (whether you're still in school or recently graduated)
3. Land your dream job


Select a project.



step 1.png

Let the fun begin! Get to work creating your proposal.


Submit your concept.


step 3 color.png

That’s it! Now you have a new project to put in your portfolio and if your concept is chosen as the winner by a creative director you’ll get a chance to work on the project with the partnering brand.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of a student presenting work based on “real-world” creative briefs. Their work for these “real-world” clients will allow them to standout once they graduate. That is why we’re SO excited to partner with UPCOMERS to help get students and young talent the experience we’re looking for at MOCEAN to be part of our growing team!
— Michael McIntyre, Founder MOCEAN

“Upcomers is an amazing creative space where I'm able to connect with current students, recent graduates, and professional creatives. I'm happy to know that I will gain real work experience from real design briefs that will help me succeed as a graphic designer.”

David Meza
Cal State Dominguez Hills


“I will forever be grateful to Upcomers for providing such unique and competitive opportunities to myself and other young creatives alike.”

Chase Lewis
Pepperdine University


“Upcomers has really given me the chance to grow in my career as a designer. Any student looking to advance with actual experience would benefit from the program. Upcomers is helping me succeed and I am positive that they can help other students as well!”

Roland Gonzalez
Santa Monica City College