What is Upcomers?

We are the ultimate career accelerator network and recruiting platform for Emerging Creatives around the world. Our mission is to H E L P every Emerging Creative to land their dream job, regardless of what college you attend(ed), where you live or how connected you are.

The moment you sign up, you’ll be part of the Upcomers Creative Community. To build and boost your portfolio, we provide real creative challenges from our global and local brand partners.

How did Upcomers come to life?

Upcomers is based on the personal experience of our founder, who went to art-school herself. A brand challenged her class with a brief and by winning this challenge and making it part of her portfolio, she landed her first job at a global advertising agency.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up and create a personal profile on Upcomers.co. We will have some specific fields you need to fill out or check-off, other fields are up to you and optional. You can make your profile public, so other students can see your profile and reach out to connect or - in the future - collaborate with you. Have your student ID handy; that’s how we can keep it strictly for emerging creatives (all majors). If you recently graduated or follow specific creative courses (e.g. with General Assembly) you can also join, just follow the instructions on the sign-up page.

Why should/would I sign up?

That's almost a no brainer: here are some key ones:

● you can work on real challenges from global and local brands

● you can show your greatness and build a portfolio with real work

● you can work and collaborate with other community members (not yet but 2nd phase)

● you are exposed to global brands who could be your next destination if it comes to an internship, a project or, maybe ultimately, your first job

● AND the majority of the briefings will have a job or internship opportunity if you are ready to join the creative workforce!

Are there any other benefits when I’m part of the Upcomers Community?

Yes, we offer access to:

● mentoring from industry professionals and guru’s

● the Upcomers Discount program with discounts on all kinds of products (this is not active yet, but think Adobe software, Apple products, etc)

● the Upcomers ‘Sound-Board’ (board of industry leaders that answer questions on-line)

Who is this open to?

All emerging creative students, all majors! Whether you’re an emerging illustrator, director, set designer, fashion-designer, photographer, game-designer, UX, graphic, toy, animator, or any other title, then this is for you.

Is there an age limit?

No, but you must be at least 18 years old. So if you are (still) a student and you want to start building your portfolio and gain some experience, you can also join.

Do I need a college degree?

Nope. There is no education requirement.

Do I need to have a portfolio to sign-up!

Nope. However, it’s our goal that the projects you will develop through Upcomers will help you build a stellar portfolio.

Do I have to pay to become part of the Upcomers Creative Community?

You can sign-up for free and pick-up briefings that are posted.

What is a Creative Brief?

A creative brief is like an assignment. A problem that you have to solve. It tells you who the client is, their goal, who their audience is, what creative assets are needed and your deadline.

How much time do I have to work on it?

This will depend on the clients urgency and complexity of the brief; some of them will ask for a quick turn-around (think within 1 or 2 weeks), but some of them might have a longer timeline.

How do I submit?

You can submit your work online by following the ‘Submit My Work’ button and instructions.

What are the rules?

Each brief will have the ‘Rules and Conditions’ specified.

Who chooses the winning/selected entries?

The Client / Creative Review Board will make a first selection. The Client (mostly a brand or an agency) will have the final say. The top selections will receive feedback from The Client / Creative Review Board. In the near future, we will Live-Stream and record these feedback sessions with ZOOM. Everyone who submitted work for this project will have access regardless if you are one of the top selections or not. A great learning and insight opportunity.

How about briefings that have Internships or Job Opportunities?

Some briefings will have an opportunity to land right away a paid internship or job at the company that posts the briefing. If you’re not ready yet to land a job yet and you just want to submit work to gain experience and add real work to your portfolio, simply send and email to hello@upcomers.co

If I submit work, can the brand or agency use it?

No!!!! And our rules are very strict here: all Intellectual Property (IP), Copyright, Usage Rights, etc stays with the creator and can’t be used or owned by the brand or agency.

Can I/we submit work as a team or class?

In the future you can for sure. Now it will be depending on the client's briefing.

I’m a faculty staff member and interested in Upcomers; can I sign-up?

If you e.g. are an educator or career services member, you can also sign up and check the box [Faculty Staff]. You will receive the newsletter and can stay up to date with the latest of the latest on our platform. If you are interested to learn more and want to explore opportunities to partner please send an email to hello@upcomers.co

What is your Privacy Policy and what are the Terms and Conditions?

We take both very seriously. If you click on the links, you can read more about our Privacy and our Terms of Usage

If you still have questions send an email to the support team hello@upcomers.co and we’ll get back to you asap!